Why I went into luxury fashion – T20 Luxury boss

The T20 Luxury brand founded by Olajide Tope has come to carve a niche for itself in the fashion space with a community of loyal and fashionable followers on Instagram. The brand has proven that the business of fashion is a borderless venture as they have curated the best of luxury fashion items across the world via online exchanges.

The CEO/Founder said his journey into the fashion world didn’t start as a business to make money, but through passion that developed into a professional calling and a means of livelihood.

“I have always loved fashion and style. The notion that you are addressed the way you dress has stuck with me since my childhood. So, we could say the passion is just natural and I couldn’t have loved any other business to invest than fashion,” he said.

“A businessman would have done many businesses before getting to a recognition phase. As a matter of fact, one has to be really dynamic in business, not rigid. But fashion is my first and true love. I love luxury things and I love to travel the world to bring the uncommon items to customers who can appreciate them at any cost,” he added.

According to him, “ T20 Luxury was founded to give high-end fashion lovers the best personal shopping experiences with a view to helping them source for the rarest pieces of luxury products or items they may need anywhere in the world.

“Whether it’s luxury clothing, rare pieces of watches or jewelry, we travel anywhere to get our customers satisfied. We serve our clients with professionalism and transparency of a kind that’s barely experienced anywhere.”

He summed up his submission of the luxury fashion sector by saying the luxury fashion market today is worth trillions of dollars globally and Nigeria, and posited that fashion has not really reached the contemporary level because of our level of development