Why I’m against Anenih as committee leader – Delegate

The Immediate past president, National Council of Women Societies of Nigeria, Hajiyaa Ramatu Bala Usman, has said that she did not castigate the person of Mrs. Iyom Josephine Anineh as a committee leader but rather wanted her to head a committee where she is more knowledgeable.

One of the delegates from the South east had told plenary on Thursday how Hajia Ramatu castigated Mrs. Anineh on a live television programme a day before.
Reacting to the allegation, the former president of NCWS told Blueprint in an exclusive interview that the former minister of Women affairs “is my sister and if I have any issue with her I am supposed to walk to her and discuss it.

She explained that when she was called by the AIT for a discussion, she made some critical observations which she had even said at the conference plenary before that a politician cannot head the civil society committee.
“We grew in it as children up till today; we know what our problem is. I said she is an intelligent politician, that they should give her politics and governance because she will defend our cause there; I did not castigate anybody, I am too much to go behind any woman or man to talk about him. What I said in the person’s absent I can repeat it in her presence, I am not a fearful woman at all.

“She can handle the committee, we shall all work together, we shall be there and they asked me what about the vice chair, I told them that within the structure there is health, education and other related matters and since Prof. Ruquayat is an educationist, she fits in very well to handle education matters. I am an educationist too, I am a jack of all trades, and Dr. Chidinma, the defender of Josephine, we don’t want people with small minds, to come and raise issues that are embarrassing to the conference.
Asked whether she has an interest in heading the committee, Hajiya Ramatu said, “Am I not qualified to head anything in this country? What is the meaning of this question? If they had placed people rightfully, there are women that should head some committees here instead of being deputy or co-chairman. If I say I want to head a committee, why not?” she stated.

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