Why I’m always with Sani Sule Katsina – Hannatu Bashir

Hannatu Bashir tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this interview that she is very happy that two of her films are selling like hot cake. Hannatu also speaks on her new films, career projection and her plans for the future.

Your two films, Kyalkyal Banza and Karshen Zance, are selling like hot cake? Tell us about them.

Well, I thank God and Sani Sule Katsina, the chairman/CEO of Rite Time Multimedia, who sponsored the two films and also allowed me to play the lead actress in the two films. I was the executive producer, but I did not invest in the two films. I was also paid my artist fee for featuring in the films which has also boosted my status and I am extremely happy to work with big stars like Ali Nuhu, Fati Washa, Rabiu Rikadawa, Baballe Hayatu, Hadiza Muhammad and host of others.

You are always in Sani Sule Katsina’s office and this makes other actresses become jealous. How do you react to this?

Sani Sule Katsina is somebody that I cannot tell how grateful I am to him; he made me what I am by not only making me the executive producer of most of his films, he succeeded in making me a star and today I can rub shoulders with any senior actress in Kannywood. Yes, I am always in his office so that we can have enough time to plan for new films; remember that he is happily married with children. Please tell any lady that is interested in him to come because he is available as a Muslim. He has only one wife and can marry more wives.

So, is it true that the two of you are dating? That he has bought a house and car for you?

As a Hausa lady, I know that Sani Sule is handsome, rich and can attract the love of any lady, but you don’t expect me to beg him to marry me. If he is interested in me he is the one to make the first move. On his buying a house or car for me, well I have a very good car that I am riding. I don’t have to tell the world who bought the car for me, but I can tell you that I am financially so stable that I can change my car at any time. And as for the house, I am staying with my parents.

Tell us why you people decided to do Kyalkyal Banza and Karshen Zance?

What we do in films is to educate the society and in Kyalkyal Banza which you said you have just watched, it was a story of a successful businessman, in this case it was Rabiu Rikadawa, who refused to help a poor lady from a poor family which happened to be me, Hannatu Bashir. He only agreed to help the lady when she agreed for him to be sleeping with her. But as God may have it she ended up marrying Ali Nuhu, his first son. He was so shocked that he developed paralysis. The film is a lesson for greedy old men, and Karshen Zance , played by Adam A. Zango and Fati Washa is a story of how some men cheat on their wives when they travel.

Adam Zango in the films, who was Fati Washa’s husband, took her to the airport because she was to travel, but on his way from the airport he came through my house and picked me to his house for a night out, right on his matrimonial bed. I advised him that we should go to a hotel, but he refused. Unfortunately for him, his wife, Fati Washa, returned because their flight was cancelled and she caught us right in their bed and it led to a big crisis. This is also to educate people about some men that cheat on their wives right under their roof.

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