Why I’m scared to marry for the third time – Kannywood’s Fati KK

Fati KK is one Kannywood star that does not need much introduction especially among Hausa film viewers. She hails from Kontagora in Niger state. Fati at the peak of her carrier disappeared from the movie world which left her fans wondering if she had gone back to school or settled down with a man of her choice. In this brief chat with ALIYU ASKIRA, she clears the air on marriage, her return to acting and others.

What is the secret behind your fresh looks?

Well, first, I am happy I come from parents that are very understanding and I am also a Muslim, a religion that teaches us that whatever happens to us in life, we should take it as a destiny. This means that nothing will happen to one in life if God does not destine that such matter will form part of our life. Secondly, I have returned to acting full time and my colleagues have welcomed me with open arms and good prayers as such, I have every reason to be happy. However, after getting married twice, I won’t say I am exactly happy to return to our family house again because I have other grown up sisters that have occupied my vacancy at home.

Your father, Salisu, was a broadcaster with FRCN Kaduna and it is expected that he will guide you well in choosing any other profession instead of acting. What happened?

My father did all his best to convince me to read Mass Communication so that I could take after him by being a journalist or any media-related professional, but for a very long time, I had been watching local and international films and I had developed interest to be an actress whenever the opportunity came my way.  And even when I started acting, I found time to also train as a nurse, but when my two marriages were not successful, I decided to go back to acting. People don’t know what is obtainable in the film industry – as a worker, you will be counting 30 days before your salary will come, and that is if it will come at all. But as an actress, immediately a producer signs me for a film, I will collect my pay upfront before even the project commences and some will even pay you for one to five films even before they are ready for production. I want to also put it on record that there are lots of fun in Kannywood, good money to be made and generally the environment is friendly; as such, I have no regrets going back to acting.

You have been married twice, and blessed with three children. It has been alleged that your second husband, a barrister, deceived you into marrying him when he posed as one that was fabulously rich. What is your reaction to this story?

Well, you are an old hand when it comes to issues concerning Kannywood, you knew when I got married for the first time and I also saw you during my second marriage. Like you rightly said, I have issues with both of them and as such, I will not like to castigate them or call them names on the pages of newspapers. By destiny I married twice and both marriages later collapsed. I did all I could as a lady to ensure that at least one of them was successful, but I had my own plans while the two guys had their own agenda. Look at me very well, what is it that a man needs in a woman that Fati KK does not have? In fact, my second husband is a lawyer and considering how we organised our wedding that cost a lot of money, I was thinking that whenever problems cropped up between us, we, as adults and educated could sort out our problems. But when I always tried to be on the positive side, my husband would dig for more faults so that our problems became difficult to solve. No lady will marry twice and pray to go back to her family compound as a divorcee. Now, even if I marry again, that means one will have more than three children from different parents and that is not good for a healthy family life. Do you know what, in fact, I am completely scared of getting married again because I continue to have the feeling that all men are the same, all they want in a beautiful woman like me is to have as much pleasure as they can get and the rest is to look for faults and throw us out of their house. Normally, a good lady would prefer never to zip down until she gets married, but what do you get after the marriage, when the husband knows that you are no longer a fresh lady, he will start looking for excuses so that the marriage will not succeed.

What have been your memorable moments in Kannywood?

Well, I featured in many films in Kannywood; while some were successful, some were not all that successful. But my best film remains Charbin Kwoi, a film produced by FKD Production Company owned by Ali Nuhu, and Ali Nuhu himself featured in the film as a son to a successful businessman, but after losing his father, his stepmother, in this case it was Ladidi Fagge that played the role of Ali Nuhu’s stepmother, she made it so difficult for Ali Nuhu to enjoy his father’s wealth. Ali Nuhu featured in the film as not an organised person; this made me to fall in love with Ali Nuhu so that I can fight his stepmother to the finish to ensure that Ali gets his father’s property. The script, the story line and the costume were fantastic that Charbin Kwoi remains my best film.

In your next world, will you still take to acting?

Well, the answer is no; this is because one, I know that I will not come back to this world again. Secondly, if given the chance, I will settle for any profession chosen for me by my father and like in the first instance which I refused to read Mass Communication and settle for acting. Thirdly, people in most cases do not have respect for we Kannywood actors and actresses; they look at we female actresses as school drop-outs and some even openly refer to us as prostitutes. Similarly, the society does not have much respect for our male colleagues even though what is happening in other professions is worse than what is obtainable in Kannywood. To answer your question straight, if I start narrating my coming to this world as a mistake by even contemplating a second coming, that means I am challenging the will of God. As such, I am happy the way I am, I am healthy, I am still young, I am a trained nurse, and a successful actress. So, I won’t say I am regretting anything in my life; it is only marriage that I am scared of getting involved in for the third attempt because of my experiences.

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