Why Jang should leave Sheikh Jingir alone

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I listened with outmost dismay, the recent statement by a, supposedly, elderstatesman, former governor of Plateau state, an ex-senator, Jonah David Jang, wherein he castigated a revered Islamic scholar, Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, alleging that the sheikh has been “causing crises in Plateau state,” simply because he firmly stands to protect the rights of his people.

It was rather unfortunate, that Jonah Jang made the serious allegation, which was not only untrue, but also unproven that, even when he was the state governor, he could not sue Sheikh Jingir over such unfounded allegations.

As religious and revered as Sheikh Jingir, whose religious belief has bestowed in him the burden of leading people unto the right path, would not delve into creating crises, contrary to Jang’s mischievous statements, just in order to achieve undeserved political goals, as has been his character for long.

The irony of Jang’s unguided uttrances
is that he sees nothing wrong with the unholy but hugely instigative uttrances of his demigod, Pastor Isa El-Buba, against our revered Islamic leaders, which is capable of causing serious crises.

It is instructive that bad policies of the likes of Jonah Jang and some of his cohorts, made the entire Muslims on the Plateau, despite our huge population, since inception of this 4th Republic, to be politically sidelined; we are not being given the right to be deputy governor, secretary to the government of the state, chief of staff, and even commissioners, we are not given first grade ministries, such as works, finance and others, hence the formation of the Council of Ulama, which has been guiding our people on whom to vote.

Listening to Jang’s opprobrium, one could clearly distill that he is still nursing the pains of losing his selfish bid at imposing an annointed governorship candidate, far back in 2015, whereas, the Council of Ulama, under the co-chairmanship of Sheikh Sani Yayaya Jingir, guided the Muslims to vote for Governor Simon Lalong. All in search of peace and prosperity.

For the record, Mr. Jang should know that we have not, even Sheikh Jingir has never sought for any “favour,” other than good governace, driven on fairness, equity and justice, from Governor Simon Lalong, and his administration.

Again, it should be noted that Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, being the chairman of the Council of Ulama, is not singlehandedly giving guidance, but is the collective or majority decision of the council members that he always projects. And so the decision to now vote for the APC candidate in the forthcoming March 18, 2023, governorship election, as the next governor of Plateau state, isn’t exceptional.

Jang should know and clearly understand that Sheikh Jingir is so revered within and outside Plateau state, beyond demonisation, and we shall not just watch the likes of Jang castigate or demonise him.

I admonish Jonah Jang to accept his failure devoid of false allegations against Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir.

Hon. Muhammad Adam Alkali (OON),
Member, representing
Jos North/Bassa federal constituency,
House of Representatives,

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