Why Kano board banned movies displaying drug addiction, others – Na Abba Afakallah

In this exclusive interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, executive director, Kano State Films and Censorship Board, Ismaila Na Abba Afakalla, reveals the reason the board prohibited the showing or selling of movies displaying kidnappings, drug addiction and other related crimes. According to him, it’s done so that the positive attitude of the youth won’t be affected.

Let’s start by knowing some of the challenges confronting your office?

Well, of recent there are films being produced in Kano that show drug addiction and kidnappings, but I quickly directed that they should be stopped. When I was appointed by His Excellency, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to head this board, I can remember very well you are one of the journalists that accompanied me to my office to celebrate with me including thousands of my colleagues and associates that converge on this office on that day to appreciate my appointment, being a member of Kannywood. Talking about challenges, I can assure you that they are many, but I am doing my best not to disappoint the governor and my colleagues.

You also on many occasions had running battles with your colleagues; you even went as far as instituting legal actions against some of them. Will you, therefore, say that the seat you are on is actually hot?

Hot or not hot, you can see me sitting comfortably in the exalted seat, and already I have been given a second term because of my performance. To make my job easy, I established offices in all the 44 local government areas and appointed staff there to check piracy as well as downloading operating illegal cinema houses. In fact, some of the viewing centres were showing prohibited films to members of the public, so my staffers are all over the place to stop that. I also organised workshops and seminars to educate our people on our values, religion and culture. We stopped people from displaying pornographic pictures or using microphones to sell drugs using dirty language. Similarly, I successfully supervised an election into various offices of MOPPAN and I also set up three committees, Kannywood distribution network, Kannywood development initiatives and the rest.

Tell us the difference between Kano Information Technology Centre and the rejected Kano Film Village proposed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

This is a very tricky question, but to put it blank, the world is changing and everything is now done through the internet or online if you like. Consequently, we must also move to catch up with our partners all over the world. The Kano Film Information Technology which will be very a sophisticated database, businessmen, NGOs and government parastatal interested in what our members are doing can have access to their activities through our broadband or through our database. They can easily link up with our Kannywood members and give them contracts for their creativities. Our members too can use our database and advertise their activities for the larger society to know what they are doing and the films they produce or they are producing. Honestly, no government in the history of Kano state as far as I am concerned has assisted our industry tremendously like that of Governor Ganduje.

Finally, what do you want to be remembered for?

If I leave here, by the grace of God, I will still be in the industry or in any position my people want me to serve them. This office has exposed me to many things which I didn’t know before; they include bureaucracy in government, how to please or displease your employers, how to operate on the same page with your colleagues and I noticed that it is only when you are saddled with such challenges that you will be prepared to handle whatever assignment that might come your way in future, be it political, cultural or religious. So, all in all, I have no regrets.

If you see a public office holder being criticised by people, the possibility is that he must have been doing an excellent job. Na Abba is doing a wonderful job here for the people of Kano state. Let me also appreciate your paper for assisting us in the board through massive publicity.

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