Why my fellow women are jealous of me – Asiya Ahmad

Asiya Ahmad was born in 1994 and hails from Kano state. She attended both her primary and secondary schools in Kano before venturing into acting about six years ago.  Asiya, the younger sister to Samira Ahmad, wife of popular Kannywood actor T.Y. Shaban, tells ASKIRA ALIYU in this chat that it was from her first film, Mai Kyau, that the name mai kyau came about because of her beauty and that the film made her a celebrity – one of the hottest actresses in Kannywood. She also speaks about her successes, love life, future plans, romance with Adam Zango and other issues.

Why the instant success?

I think I became successful in Kannywood without tears because I knew almost all members of the industry before I started acting. Adam Zango in particular regularly visits our house a lot even when I Ahmad was young and along the line, we fell into a serious relationship and promised to get married, but this did not happen.

 Asiya, I am happy to meet you one-on-one and I can tell you that you are even prettier than in real life – I mean you are prettier than what one sees of you in a film. 

Well, if this is a compliment, I am accepting it with all grace, but let me start by telling you that my first film was named Mai Kyau, meaning beautiful. So, I am sure you were sincere when you said I am not only cute in real life, but I am also fresh and beautiful.

If I were you, I would combine acting and modelling or relocate to the Southern part of the country and make good money from either acting or commercials. What do say to that?

As you see me very tall and beautiful, I also have a very tall dream to be successful in life; even as we speak, having been in Kannywood for six years, I can tell you that I am partially successful already, but if one wants to make real money, then he or she has to diversify. However, I hear lots of stories about companies using beautiful girls for commercials, like asking you to sleep with their directors or taking pictures that are almost nude for what they call record purposes. You know that as a Muslim and Hausa-Fulani for that matter, one has to be careful so that you will not end up in wrong hands and find your nude pictures on social media.

Could you tell us some of the films you have featured in so far?

I was in Mai Kyau, my first film, then Ranar Aure na, one of Kannywood’s best films in recent time which I featured alongside the king of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, as his wife; then f course Gida Uku, Yankan baya, Kanwa ta and so on.

You are by all standards prettier than your elder sister, Samira Ahmad, yet you waited for her to become a household actress before you joined the industry. Was it out of respect?

I am always happy when somebody refers to me as a pretty lady, but for you to say I am prettier than my elder sister, well that is your judgement. There are those with the opinion that she’s prettier than I. In any case, this should not be an issue because she is now a married woman, though the marriage had challenges and I can say that she is now back home and she is into several other businesses. So, don’t trigger any beauty contest in our family, God created me with my own qualities and created my sister with her own qualities.

Okay, are you into any relationship, and do you intend to settle down very soon?

Talking about settling down very soon does not arise here because my destiny is not in my hands, but whether I am into relationship….hmmmm, honestly I have lost count of people wanting to marry me or to date me. I think it is because God is kind to me by creating me to be tall, beautiful, soft and sexy such that even my fellow women are so jealous of me that some time ago, they planted several stories in the social media accusing me of belonging to some groups engaged in corrupt moral activities. But most of those who came across the publication dismissed it with all emphasis because they know me, they know what I can do and they know my family. So, I live my future in the hands of God, I am still young and I have a long way to go.

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