Why my marriage to Sani Musa Danja is successful – Mansura Isa

Mansura Isa recently had a low-key celebration of her 10-year-old marriage to a Kannywood star and television personality, Sani Musa Danja. The lovebirds got married some ten years ago and are blessed with 4 children namely; Kadijatul Iman, Khalifah, Yakubu and Sudais, all of whom are already cutting their professional teeth in the industry. ALIYU ASKIRA caught up with the family during the recent Edil-Kabir festival at the Ado Bayero Shopping Mall where they had gone to watch Kalan Dangi, a fi lm produced by Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya. The family matriarch opens up on her marriage and why it hasn’t gone awry. Excerpts.

Hajiya Mansura it has been along time since we met you are looking cute and fresh but you did not put up much fl esh in spite of the fact that both you and your husband are rich. Th ank you very much for your care. Actually, I exercise a lot as such I prefer to maintain my present shape. You know you men prefer the slim ones and it is my desire to keep my husband for life, I don’t want him to start complaining that I am fat so that it will be an excuse for him to take on another wife. Tell us how you made your marriage a success, even though people have the impression that you Kannywood ladies don’t make success of your marriages.

If a lady wants her marriage to succeed, or if a man wants his marriage to succeed, both of them know what to do. In my own case, me and my husband, Sani Musa Danja love each other with a passion. We were into serious relationship before we got married and both of us know the weaknesses of each other, Sani is a fi lm director, producer, actor, television personality and he also does commercials for GSM companies, he is a very busy person and in most of his businesses there is no way he will not associate with women, as such I made up my mind never to suspect him or doubt his loyalty to me or to his family.

I know the man I married and I know what to do to make him happy so that he will succeed in his business, that is why I set up an NGO so that it will keep me busy and my husband allows me to travel any time I want because of the trust we have for each other, as such you can see that our marriage has no reason to fail. But there is this allegation that fi lm producers and actors always demand forsex from actresses desperate to make it in Kannywood and this is one of the reasons there are scandals always in the industry.

Well, that is not my business, actresses and actors can do whatever they like, one thing I know is that I trust my husband 100%, whenever he is not on set out side Abuja where we live, he is always at home with his family, or with Yakubu Mohammed and his family. My husband is somebody that does not like gossip or backbiting, that is why he is very successful in life. Recently, the Bida Emirate Council honoured him with Zakin Arewa, the lion of the north while I was honoured withJakadiyan Zaman Lafi ya, Ambasador of Peace.

So, you can see that we have come a long way and only death can separate us. Of course I will not want my husband to marry another woman, because already we have 4 children and it is our responsibility to give them sound education both Islamic and Western, if my husband is to bring another woman into the house, she will of course bear children for him and that will bring division in the family, instead I am prepared to bear more children for him, I am ready to do anything so that my husband will not think of bringing any other woman. Sometimes, the women are the ones insisting to have relationship with our husbands but any woman that is interested in Sani Danja should know that Sani has no vacancy for any woman in his life.

Is it true that you are Yoruba, but born in Kano and also that Maryam Isa is your half sister? Yes my father is late, and it is true that I am Yoruba by tribe and Maryam Isa is my half sister but I consider myself a bonifi ed indigene of Kano state because I was born and brought up in Kano state, and all mybusinesses and properties are in Kano, our family house is in Kano so I am from Kano and have the right like any other Kano person.

But let me also ad here that I am not even interested in the issue of one’s tribe and where he comes from, I believe in one Nigeria that is why my NGO does not consider one’s religion or tribe, whenever I am assisting people, I do it because of Allah and it is only from Allah I am expecting my reward. Let me use this interview to also announce that a new television station is to be set up very soon to have branches in Kano and Abuja and my husband has been employed as one of their management staff .

In fact, it is the reason we did not celebrate our 10 years marriage anniversary in grand style, but when he is less busy we are going to do that. Any regret in marrying Sani Danja? My husband is a wonderful man and if I am to come to this world again, I will still marry him as my husband. He is handsome, rich, hardworking and very understanding. You also asked why we are staying in Abuja, the reason is simple.

When the Maryam Hiyana sex scandal broke out when Ibrahim Shekarau was the governor of Kano state, his administration did a lot to frustrate some of us. In fact, his government sent some actors and actresses to jail, but as God would have it, it has now become a blessing to some of us.

Th ose who relocated to Kaduna are now doing well in the industry, we in Abuja we are doing extremely fi ne, and I still relate very well with my friends in Kano, in fact, most of the time we are always in Kano doing one thing or the other. So, as the saying goes, as one door closes another one opens, I will continue to be part of Kannywood through producing fi lms or assisting my husband to produce qualitative fi lms for our fans to watch and remain faithful to us.

As for my children, they are already into acting they are taking after me and their father, and we wish them all the best. But be on the lookout, very soon, you will see me having more children by the grace of God. As for our members that died of recent and those that died long time ago, I pray that God grants them Aljanah Firdausi.



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