Why neglect rural farmers?

The gap between the government and the farmers is getting wider each day and as the years roll by the needs to help farmers cultivate and grow the land is quite necessary. The way to go about this is to have an elaborate plan towards boosting food production. Most of the research information that will improve agriculture are lying fallow. There are no steps to educate or provide extension services while the peasant farmers are making their own effort in storage systems, preservation of food and seeking agricultural information by themselves.

Information on agricultural prices is lacking and nobody is coming to help them. The inputs that are needed are lacking, they go to the market to buy different inputs, at high prices and the result is that they are selling with an exorbitant prices to the populace.

Farmers also transport their agricultural produce themselves, amidst the bad roads. Moving to the farming communities, you see farmers wearing old dresses, still making use of the crude implement, no schools and hospitals. It is high time government began to put the rural farmers into consideration in its plans and the implementation of agricultural, school and health projects in most of the farming communities and help them in cultivation of land and food marketing.

Michael Adedotun Oke

[email protected]


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