Why North dictates Nigerian politics

It’s no news that Nigeria as a country has different competitors including within its shores.As it is said by the masses, the Northern Nigeria has taken over the nation.

They say that all the sensitive political positions, economy, security positions, etc, are controlled by Northern Nigeria. It is widely believed that it is a strategy by the current government to keep power in the North. Others complain that most headquarters of some government agencies are in the North.

The truth, however is that due to the high population of the North, they tend to fight to be at the helm of power and keep it that way for a very long time. That is because they love their own; they are people centered.
In the same vein, the Eastern part of the country, after my research in Enugu state, which is the coal city of the nation, out of all the people that comprise Enugu state, the Nsukka people tend to fight for power, with the belief that it is their right. This is because their population surpasses other communities in the state.

The Nsukka people are large in population and have the belief that they own Enugu state and as such, once an Nsukka person is in power in Enugu state, he/she tends to please the Nsukka people by giving them jobs, amenities, as seen in the current Enugu government. 
Governance as a whole ought not be this way. Democracy is the government of the people not government of a group, community, clan or family.

That is why you see different groups fighting for turns to rule because the successive governments from a particular ethnic group decided to concentrate on developing their own group and neglecting the whole nation or state, as seen in Rivers, Anambra and other states and even at the federal level.The North’s dominance over Nigeria is not far-fetched.

They are people centered and not group centered, which is a good example of what democracy entails.Nigerians should go back to the drawing board and do the needful on governance, knowing that Nigeria comprises 36 states, the Federal Capital Territory and 770 local government areas and not six states and 200 local government areas. Experience in politics alone cannot create the state we need and want.I stand with democracy.

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