Why Soludo is attacking Obi – LP chair

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Professor Charles Soludo

National Chairman of Labour Party (LP) Barrister Julius Abure has stated the outburst of the Anambra state governor, Prof Charles Soludo, was a display selfishness and envious tendencies to distract his predecessor and presidential candidate of the party, Mr Peter Obi.

While urging Anambra citizens to disregard the governor’s outburst, Abure said by the time LP takes campaigns to the state, Soludo’s contest of popularity between himself and Obi would no doubt favour the latter.

In an interview with newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday, Abure chided the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for not acknowledging the achievements of Obi in the state already acclaimed as the best at the time.

Abure stated that Soludo neither controlled the majority nor what plays out in the state, urging the citizens of the state and Nigerians to see Soludo’s comments as a distraction.

“You could see that his comment is born out of selfishness. His comment is born out of self centeredness, it is born out of desperation. It is born out of envy and jealousy. 

“I mean for somebody who was CBN governor, who should know the importance of investment which has been acclaimed by other governors to be one of the best in Anambra state; I mean for such a  man to demean such a person, will tell you that he is acting from a selfish point of view. 

“And therefore Soludo does not control the majority of the people of Anambra state. He does not have control over what plays out in Anambra state. 

“I want to also say clearly that even Soludo rose on the legacies of Peter Obi. He came to power through the platform of APGA and Peter Obi built the party, consolidated it, worked for the people of Anambra, which gave confidence to the people  to continually vote for APGA. 

“And therefore one can say clearly without any fear of contradiction that Soludo is riding on the legacies of Peter Obi because if not that Peter Obi built APGA by his performance, by instilling confidence in the people to have confidence in the party, Soludo would not have had the platform on which he would have become governor.

“Therefore, I see Soludo’s comments as a distraction, and I urge the people of Anambra to treat it with a pinch of salt to discountenance  it, disregard it. By the time we take our campaigns to Anambra, we will test and see who is popular in Anambra. 

“Like late Sony Okoson would say, we will know who owns the land. So very soon we will know who owns the land by the time we take our campaigns to Awka, to Onitsha,  to Nnewi, we will know who owns the land and by the grace of God, by next year, we will see who will control and win Anambra state.

“The opinion of Soludo is a minority opinion and should be treated with a pinch of salt. It’s very clear that he’s not speaking the mind of Anambra people. It is a minority and myopic point of view, and the people of Anambra, even without consulting them, I can say it clearly that it is not a popular opinion. 

“Because of his comment, Anambra state will be the state that we will take our campaigns to very soon so that we can test our  popularity and test to see who owns the land. My candid advice to him is that he should tune down his comments because he would be destroying his future, destroying himself if he continues along these lines,” Abure said.

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