Why students lose interest in Mathematics

An educationist, Mr Philip Balogun has told journalists that many students lose interest in Mathematics because of the difficult and cumbersome processes applied by their teachers. He said for this reason, many children, right from their tender age, developed cold feet in solving mathematical problems. Balogun is the vice principal, Grace Group of Schools, Gbagada, Lagos.

The educationist said there was a need to be more creative in teaching the subject in order to sharpen students’ interest in the subject. He said adopting the computer in teaching the subject on how to solve problems can be a means of endearing them to it; because computer makes it easier for students to assimilate and sharpens their numerical sense, which is naturally endowed in everyone.

The vice principal said computer, as an easy method of solving mathematical problems, was introduced by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

“Children training ought to turn them to human calculators, as this means of solving mathematical equations enables them to think fast. This method is obtainable in foreign countries, so nothing should stop us from imbibing it as prescribed by UNICEF.

“UNICEF prescribes the adoption of the system to promote developing countries, and children from four years can start practising it,” he said.

Mr Enoch Laniyan, a Mathematics consultant, also advised parents to engage their wards in the computer applications at their leisure so as to complement whatever they learn in schools.

Laniyan told NAN that the federal government also needed to take education seriously and ensure that Mathematics is taught optimally for children’s easy assimilation, noting that students who are good at Mathematics do not have problems with other subjects.

“Parents, therefore, must ensure that their children are used to operating the computer systems regularly,’’ he said.

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