Why Tambuwal is qualified to be president – Saleh

Hon.-Auwalu-Dahiru-SalehHon. Auwal Dahiru Saleh is one of the youngest legislators in the lower chamber of the National Assembly. The lawmaker who is currently the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, speaks to DANJUMA ABDULLAHI about his service to his people, the challenges and the House leadership under Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. The APC lawmaker, who represents Katagum Federal Constituency of Bauchi state, also believes the speaker is better qualified to lead the country in 2015 if performance is anything to go by


Well, it has been tedious and sometimes difficult to even explain. But thank God, we have been trying our best to surmount all challenges in our quest to provide people-oriented representation in the National Assembly.
We went to the Assembly as minority party members, but as the politics unfolds in the country, we are now a majority with the highest number of representatives.

My scorecards

Well, when we came on board, there were many expectations from our people. And we were able to do a little in many places. First, we provided electricity project where we supplied transformers, poles, cables to Unguwan Dankawu outskirts in Azare. We also provided 3 transformers in Chinade and Matsango. Under education scheme, we annually provide free JAMB, NECO, WAEC forms and extramural classes to students in my constituency. Out of this number, we now have more 200 beneficiaries whom we gave scholarship and secured admission for in College Of Eeducation, College of Administrative and Business Studies,Azare. I have secured slots for Technical Aid Corps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 20 indigenes from my Katagum constituency. They are now serving in various foreign countries. We have undertaken free eye treatment to over 1000 patients at District Head Office in Katagum. I have constructed feeder road at Kujuru. We dug new boreholes and repairs non-functional ones over 30 of them in Katagum and villages. We distributed vehicles and motorcycles to NURTW, Katagum Students Association [KSA], Association of Grain Sellers, apart from those given to individuals’ number
about 40, to ease their transport. We have been helping people in distress, patients on admission, mosques carpeting and electricity generators provided. We are doing all these in addition to cash donations to thousands of people since we were elected to date.
The list of my constituency projects is endless. Before I forget, I have secured license to run Health and Technology Institute for males and females. Already, a site has been cleared and work is to commence any moment from now at Barkeji town, about nine kilometeres from Azare. As someone who cares much about the plight of my people, I employed aides in Madara, Chinade, Azare District to relay the peoples  complaints, yearnings and aspiration to me.

Peoples grouse
Well, people are always bound to make complaints. Some might be genuine, while many others do not have any basis. In politics, like the one we are playing in this country, despite one’s efforts to serve, he is still bound to encounter many problems, criticism, complains, opposition, blackmail, and many other negatives tendencies. Despite all these, I am still thankful and appreciative to all the people of my constituency. To answer your question, I am doing a lot to pacify and satisfy them to the best of my ability by meeting  the yearnings of my people. And I want them to understand that, if there is any complaint, we are duty bound to listen to it and do the best we can to address it. I hope my aides would be able to support me in order to serve our people best.

You know, I am the deputy chairman, foreign affairs committee of the House. I also belong to the various committees such as Custom and Excise; Civil Society and Donor Agencies; Ethics and Privileges as well as that on Police Affairs.

House under Tambuwal

The leadership of the House under Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has been very good, very excellent and redefining the art of law making in our democratic journey so far. Ever since his assumption of office to date, Speaker Tambuwal has been providing good leadership devoid of any bickering, sentiment or differences. As a member for the minority party, I was appointed the deputy chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, likewise other members. And I am working hand in hand with my female chairman. I have had the privilege of representing the Speaker Tambuwal at many foreign functions   with his approval and directives. Unlike in the past years, Speaker Tambuwal has been able to stabilize the House, without any scandal whatsoever. By and large, the leadership of the House headed by Speaker Tambuwal who clocks 48 years of his fruitful life some few months ago is really extraordinary in this democratic dispensation. Besides being our colleague in the House, he is a true brother, a friend and our leader.

On Tambuwal’s rumoured plan to join APC

I cannot hold brief for him, but I believe he is wise enough, sensible and attuned to  the yearnings and aspiration of his people.  I am certain very soon, he will declare his intention of whether he will leave the PDP or not. But you have to bear in mind that, Tambuwal is someone who put the interest of the people, our democracy and this country above his own interests. By and large, we are in full support of his leadership of the House. There is no two-way about it.

His endorsement for 2015 presidency

That is very true. If performance is the yardstick to measure, then Speaker Tambuwal is most deserving of the presidency of this country. He has sterling qualities and experience to lead this country and take it out of the woods. You can imagine how a single individual can lead a House of Representatives that comprises of different persons, with different interests, experiences, backgrounds as well as affiliations, without any rancour, scandal, or divisions. Therefore, the  Speaker, in our overwhelming view, is the most competent, qualified as well as deserving to take over from Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 forthcoming elections.

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