Why we are committed to quick visa processing – Tmt Official

A hospitality agency, Tmt Travels and Tours limited, has disclosed reasons why it processes visa quickly to its clients.

A statement on the company’s social media page, revealed that visas have been delivered to clients within 48 hours, and it is unprecedented.

The statement reads, “We work round the clock to deliver, once we receive payment, because clients’ satisfaction is our main aim in our business.

“The influx of people in our offices, goes to show that some of the disgruntled persons who would have wished to be in Nigeria wants to travel out.

“We can’t stop people from moving, as long as they have the resources, we will keep delivering on what we’ve been known for over the years.

“Processing visas for people needs techniques, and you must be vested in it. Our experience in the aviation sector also boost our job, and we are happy to be doing business in Nigeria and with Nigerians.”

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