Why we seek additional seats for women through ‘House bill 1301’- Onyejocha

The chairperson House Committee on Aviation, Nkiruka Onyejocha, has said the Gender and Equal Opportunity bill code named ‘House bill 1301’ seeks 111 additional seats for women in the next four electoral season.

Hon Nkiruka who is the sponsor of the bill in an interview in Abuja explained that the bill has gone through the second reading on the floor of the House and is co-sponsored by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila .

She further explained that with the speaker emphasizing that gender is at the center of his administration speaks loud, adding that that he would ensure it takes priority over several things including all the things he is doing for the youths, less privileged and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

According to her, the bill is like a platform for the women clamoring for so much, adding that it is like giving them a chance temporarily to see how they can perform.

She said that female Presidency is possible by 2023, if the players and kingmakers give them the opportunity.

Onyejocha said “female president is possible come 2023, why not, because all the people that has become were supported by people.

“If the players, the king makers decided that a woman should become the next president then that is it,” she said.