It will be difficult to impeach President Buhari


Some members of the National Assembly (both chambers) want the president impeached. They are within their rights to demand his impeachment. But how justifiable is the cry for impeachment? I used to be an ardent fan of the president, not anymore but that doesn’t mean that I should be a jingoistic cheerleader. Nigeria’s upper ten in the Fourth Republic have not behaved any better than this president. Look around you.
Do you see a continuous investment in education anywhere in Nigeria, improvements in health and science and technology, as well as Nigeria building a democracy? Development must only be spearheaded by a president right? We love to sulk like the Arabs with love for blaming everyone but themselves for the decay in the Arab world, and yet before their eyes Israel became a developed country and superpower all through hard work and not solely from foreign aid.
Where is our justice system? Doesn’t it favour the rich against the poor? Can impeachment moves against President Muhammadu Buhari ever pass muster? I doubt it. Unlike in Egypt and Brazil there can never be a smoking gun in Nigeria. Never have we as a people been divided more than now.
Youths across all geographical divides in Nigeria cannot pour out on the streets with one voice to demand the impeachment of a president that is massively popular with the average Joe in the north, the teeming population of the underprivileged in the society, those that really matter in the electorate process despite elitist blackmail. Did President Buhari engage in executive skullduggery by informing the legislative chambers about the purchase of a military aircraft needed to fight insurgency?
Which political party in Nigeria is progressive, liberal and conservative, a party for the poor and rich? Who will move against the president, members from his own party or those in the minority? Members from his party in the North wouldn’t even dare visit their constituency if they move to impeach him. History shows that political party members rarely impeach their own except on very serious grounds that infringe on and against national interests. I believe that power struggles will lead to the ruin of Nigeria, if not well managed.
My friend Elizabeth McGrath (Australian) once told me that “sometimes, I guess, it is a matter of timing. I guess, also, our timing doesn’t always agree with HIS timing.” I don’t think it is right to be talking about impeachment when herdsmen are busy maiming and killing people everywhere and Dark Lords are enthroned everywhere daily.
The call for impeachment is a cheap distraction from life affecting underdevelopment provided by politicians everywhere and not by a sitting president only. Simon Abah, Abuja


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