Will Gov Buni walk the talk?

Governor Mai Buni

Yobe state students across Nigeria and globally were left with questions about the silence of the state scholarship board and the state government itself. The students filled out all the requirements and even paid money to complete the registration. Since then, not even a cough, nobody has heard from the scholarship board. The students gave different excuses for the board until things reached a confusing level.

The Yobe state government has not yet released any information about the scholarship board. Governor Mai Mala Buni is responsible for all matters around the state in Yobe, and should query the board about the approved funds for the scholarship.

However, the students expect the scholarship to cover some of their academic programmes, and even if there is any problem, the board or state ministry of finance should release a statement to convince the students.

The tuition fees are skyrocketing because of the current economic crisis in Nigeria. Some of the students look forward to the scholarship as a means to support them in their academic pursuit. Silence is never an answer because the past administration had never failed the students in the payment of scholarships.

The one thousand-dollar question is: where are the funds donated by the good people of Yobe state meant for developing the state’s education sector in the form of an education appeal fund?

We, therefore, urge the government of Yobe state to constitute a high-powered committee to resolve the issues surrounding the non-disbursement of scholarship in the state.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,
Potiskum, Yobe state.

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