Woman delivers triplet in Osun while husband in detention

Tuesday, January 11, 2022, was a day of joy for Abdul Lateef Aminat, an indigene of Ede in Osun state, as she delivered a triplet of three boys. 

But, the mother of the triplet could not express the joy because of the condition of her husband, the father of the babies, who was said to be in Ilesa correctional centre.

It was gathered that the father of the babies learnt that his wife was pregnant while in prison, just as he got the information of his newborns while still in detention. 

Speaking with our correspondent, Aminat said, “My husband has been in the problem before I discovered that I was pregnant. He was in prison when I told him that I was pregnant. 

“I was sad the day I was told that I was carrying three children. I try to manage the situation. I was coping. My sadness increased when I was told that one of the children was not in a good position. Therefore, I was told that I won’t be able to deliver the baby myself. They said I should prepare for a Caesarean Section (CS). I was not happy since then. I was afraid because this is my firstborn. 

“They said I should be praying. I started praying and I told my relatives to help me pray. With the mercy of God, I delivered the babies on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. 
“I was happy when the three children came alive but the condition of my husband brought sadness that spilt the joy. 

“The day I was asked to come for the operation, there was no money. The family of my husband have spent so much on their son. They didn’t have money. My family also did not have money. People came to contribute and collected donations for us.

“We were able to deposit N30,000 out of N70,000 they asked us to deposit. The hospital understands our predicament. They collected it and gave us necessary medicines and carried out the operation.”

A sister to the father of the triplet, Akinloye Jelifat, who gave the name of her brother as Qowiy, explained how he went with vigilante members where fight broke out with some members of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) thus leading to his detention since May 13, 2021.

She said the family have struggled to buy drugs but the hospital bill and food recommended for the triplet have not been settled.

She lamented the hardship facing the family in taking care of the triplet, appealing to government and philanthropists to extend hands of support to the newborns.