Woman falls in ‘love’ with chimpanzee, banned from zoo

A woman identified as Adie Timmermans who fell in ‘love’ with a chimpanzee has been banned from visiting him at a Belgian zoo.

According to Metro UK, Adie the Chimpanzee blow each other kisses and wave through a glass window during her weekly trips to the zoo.
But after visiting the elderly male chimp for years, she has been told that he needs to concentrate on socializing with his own kind.

Adie, who didn’t take the news very well, stated that she was upset that they wanted to seperate them as she is very much in love with the chimpanzee.

‘The problem is I’m having an affair I’d say with a chimpanzee’, Adie explained in a translated interview in which she became visibly upset.
‘I love that animal and he loves me.

‘I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take that away,’ she said.

Meanwhile, one of the curator’s in the zoo identified as Sarah Lafaut explained that the Chimp is being shunned by other animals of its kind because it finds solace in humans rather than them.
‘They actually leave him (Chita) to the side.

‘They are social animals. They seek social contact and to play with each other.

‘If they are continuously busy with visitors then for the duration when those visitors are gone he has nothing to do, he just sits there alone and for a social animal (that) is absolutely not ok for his wellbeing.’