Women beg my husband to date them –Mansura Isah

Sani Danja and Mansura Isah have been married for about 11 years and have worked hard to ensure that  their marriage doesn’t  hit the rock. The union is blessed with four beautiful children, two of whom are already acting in the industry and on their way to becoming stars like their parents. Mansura speaks with ALIYU ASKIRA on her marriage, challenges, NGO activities, politics and how she manages the ladies that hang around her husband, among others.

You are engaged in philanthropic activities, especially during Ramadan, where are you sourcing your money?

Well, I like this question because it bothers more on my quest to put smile on the faces of the poor, at least nobody has taken me to EFCC for financial abuse or business matters. The issue is over the years, I have come to notice how the ordinary people are suffering, especially in the North, I then decided to set up my NGO to see how I can alleviate some of their sufferings.

 I go to hospitals to settle bills of those that are poor, I go to orphanage homes to give food to the needy and distribute clothes and foods stuff to poor women during Ramadan. Sometimes, I use my personal money but in most cases, I reach out to privilege people in the society and explain to them activities of my NGO, by doing that, some of them donate money and food to my NGO, some donate clothes.

I give these things out to the ordinary people.

The wife of Kebbi state governor has a very strong NGO and I liaise with her to distribute some of her materials to the poor in Kano and some northern states.

Honestly, I am not doing this for personal benefit, but on the other hand, it keeps me busy so that I will not be bothering about the social life of my husband.

Your husband is rich and handsome. He is a star and some even say he likes women but you have been with him for 11 years without scandal. How did you manage this?

My husband and I have come a long way. Several years back, when I was still active in acting, we fell in love and later got married.

Luckily for us, God has blessed us with four children; two of my children are already acting. Our love is so strong that we have vowed to stay together till death do us part.

In most cases, I pretend to be dumb, blind, and even foolish. Do you know why? If a woman wants her marriage to succeed, she should avoid checking her husband’s phone. She should pretend that she is blind and dumb. Once you check your husband’s phone, you are likely to come across a message that will make you uncomfortable.

Let me give this as an advice to women, stop checking your husband’s phone and mind their business. This is one of the secrets of my success in marriage.

I am quite aware that some ladies are even begging my husband to date them, but what comes out of these requests is not my business, because like I told you earlier I pretend to be dumb and blind.

During the 2019 general elections your husband was fully engaged in Atiku’s presidential campaign and some of his fans left him because of that. What is your take on this?

Like I said earlier I mind my own business. As far as I can remember, my husband has always been a PDP man, but come and think of it he is a celebrity and politicians hire him to boost their popularity.

In the end he comes home with a fat cheque, so what is bad in that? If he decided not to campaign for APC, he is an adult and that is his own choice. That is my position.

On second thought of your question that his fans left him because he campaigned for Atiku, honestly I am not aware because his fans are still increasing by the day. His bank account is also becoming fatter by the day that means he is always ready to take care of us by working hard. So, I am not complaining and the children too are not complaining. Tell his fans that he is a celebrity and can associate with all manner of people.

What will say is your saddest moment in the industry and now that you are running an NGO?

I will not bother going back to the time I was active in the industry only to mention that before we married some ladies in the industry had tried to spoil my relationship with my husband by insisting to have relationship with him, but with prayers we overcame that and we are now happily married. Some are still trying hard to see if they can cause problem between us, some go to the extent of telling me unfounded stories about my husband and similarly, they tell him unfounded stories about me. But over the years, we have come to know each other’s weaknesses and if you tell him something about me or you tell me something about him, we can easily tell whether it is true or not.

I have stopped acting but my husband is still acting and he mingles with beautiful ladies and temptation can come at times but like I told you earlier, I always pretend to be dumb and blind.

My saddest moments since I started my NGO are many. Some people accuse me of using my NGO to enrich myself, some accuse me of associating with high place politicians even though I am a married woman and if not because of the type of husband I have could have easily broken my marriage.

Sometimes those in need come to me for assistance at a time that I don’t have and when I say I don’t have they will go disappointed thinking that I refuse to help them.

These are some of the things that we face on daily basis, but honestly whenever I go to hospitals, orphanage homes, or poor localities, I always come home heartbroken seeing how some Nigerians are living in terrible pain and poverty. This is why I will never stop what I am doing.

You people in the media are also assisting me immensely because in most cases it is through your media that I highlight the suffering of those in critical conditions or pains, to the public.

How I wish our government will focus more on alleviating poverty, especially among women and children.

You still look very young and cute even though you have been married for 11 years and have had four children. Some people will say you did not put enough flesh to prove that you are enjoying your marriage. What is your take?

But there is this notion that men don’t normally like fat women. I exercise a lot to keep my shape. Once a woman starts losing her shape her man will quickly run out and bring in new ones. I don’t want to give opportunity to other ladies to marry my husband even though according to Islam, he can marry four wives.

Look at me very well, I am extremely happy because I have all necessities of life, good home, a loving husband, four beautiful children, a good car to ride, what again am I looking for?

Forget about whether I am fat or not, what you should consider is whether there is a sign of good living in my body and I am sure you will always answer with yes.

Your sister, Maryam Ceeter, got married but it lasted for one year. One would think she would see you as her role model and make her marriage succeed?

I have read several interviews you had with her and expect that you would have asked her this question so she can tell you her experience.

Maryam Ceeter is my sister; in fact, after she married they had their honeymoon with us in Abuja. I don’t think she is regretting the fact that her marriage broke up, because immediately she left her husband fortune came her way.

She now has a successful company; she is into contracts, acting and film production. She is still young and pretty and I can assure you when the right time comes, Maryam will settle down again.

Take statistics of celebrity marriages in Kannywood that broke up over the years there are many but on the other hand, it is not only in Kannywood that marriages break up. It is a daily routine in the society. So, I am even thinking of setting up special unit in my NGO to counsel women on how to make successes of their marriages, especially among Muslim families in the North.

Marriages are supposed to be a permanent contract but because of lack of education and understanding people divorce their wives at the slightest excuse.

You are an ambassador of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), what are the benefits attached to it?

Let me thank Alhaji Ibrahim Sheme, the Director Media and Publicity of NOUN, and the VC, Professor Abdallah Uba, they designed a programme for Kannywood members and made some of us the university’s ambassadors.

They also introduced a programme that would allow Kannywood members to secure admissions easily into NOUN and many of us have utilized that opportunity.

Honestly, Sheme, a writer, former newspaper editor, an author, social commentator, a media Guru has contributed immensely to Kannywood.

He is also publishing an Hausa magazine called FIM, which has been there for a very long time to publicise our activities. I cannot stop thanking him, only to pray that he would continue to assist the industry and our people to get educated through NOUN.

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