Women not well represented in Committee of 50 wise men – Amuna Lawal

A delegate at the national conference representing the retired civil servants, Mrs Amuna Lawal Ali, has stated that the proportion of representation of women among 50 wise men was inadequate.
Mrs Ali who noted that the women had raised the issue with the conference secretariat stated the secretariat had noted the gender imbalance in the formation of the committee of 50 wise men.

While calling for gender balance in the country, she also noted that such balance must take cognizance of merit. “We cannot ask for gender balance without considering merit. The two can be considered concurrently, she said.
On the address of the president, she described it as quite comprehensive, robust and persuasive saying it should be taken as a working document of the conference.

Mrs Ali called for compromise and tolerance among the delegates when making their points, saying that without sincerity of purpose among the delegates there would be no headway in finding lasting solutions to the problems of the country.
The former permanent secretary stated that since the beneficiaries of the present conference would be the younger generation and the children unborn there was need to show a positive attitude about the discussions.
She called on the delegates to listen and understand one another’s viewpoints before responding to the issues raised regretting that some people have poor listening habits and more interested in forcing their views on other.
The former federal perm sec stated that with the present conduct of the delegates the conference has tacitly accepted to take decisions based on orderliness and compromise.

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