Women protest, call for justice for late Salome Abuh

Nigerian women, under the aegis of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) female stakeholders staged protest to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Abuja and demanded justice for Mrs Salome Abuh, who was killed after the November 16, Kogi governorship election.

Mrs Abuh, the PDP women leader of Ochadamu Ward in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi , was murdered in her house on November 18 in a post-election violence.

Some of the proscriptions on the banners displayed by the women include, Women’s political participation is not a death sentence, Abuh our martyr for democracy, sponsors and killers of Salome must face justice, parade sponsors and killers of Salome.

PDP National Women Leader, Hajiya Mariya Waziri, who led the women in the protest, Wednesday, in Abuja said that they would not rest or relent until justice was secured for the diseased.

She stated “Today, Nigerian women have gathered to continue our mourning and agitation over the death of an innocent woman, our sister, friend and mother, Mrs Abuh who was killed in cold blood in Kogi for participation in politics.

“We are here today to find answers to these nagging questions: Why are the murderers of our sister Mrs Abuh who are well known in their community still walking free?

“How long will justice continue to be delayed and denied for Mrs Abuh? Who killed Salome Abuh? Who killed Abuh, this innocent mother?”

The women leader also described the killing as the height of humiliation, suppression of women in Nigeria, and a huge setback for women participation in politics.

Waziri charged on President Muhammadu Buhariand other stakeholders to take actions that would ensure that the perpetrators are brought  to justice.

The Executive Secretary of NHRC, Mr Tonny Ojukwu, who received the women, pledged that the commission would work with the women and other stakeholders to make sure the matter was not swept under carpet.

He continued “Everybody has attested to this. It behooves on all of us to make sure that we take steps to deepen our democracy in making sure that things like this did not go unchecked.”

“We understand some arrests had already been made. We don’t want this to be one of those arrests that are made and by tomorrow you start hearing another story. So, we are going to join hands with you to make sure that it will not be swept under the Carpet.

“You have already written to the Inspector-General of police, we are also going to forward your petition to the police again. Let them know that this time around it not enough to say arrest has been made.

“We want to know the court that they are charged. We will be going to court to ensure that justice is done.”

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