Work experience and unemployment

Many youths have quenched the thirst of fighting unemployment through self-employment. The fight against unemployment has been solely abandoned to government and non-governmental organisations, the aspect of self-supporting is abridged.

Employment is basically on one’s academic qualification. The first question from an employer is ‘what’s your qualification?’ Now that many are academically qualified, the question has shifted from ‘what is your academic qualification?’ to ‘How many years of experience do you have?.

This question has ravaged the cognitive of youths and is creating dissonance that has the tendency of breeding many atrocities in the society. Youths are no longer employed not because they don’t have the qualification, but because every employer wants to employ people with minimum of two years work experience. The youths ask the question, ‘If you don’t employ us, how do we get the experience?’

The question of years of experience during employment has succeeded in making many Nigerian youths liars. A director in the future who got his job from lying and bribery. What do you think will come out when others are legitimately looking for a job from such a personality?

Give the young man a chance to prove his mettle. Many good brains are sidelined because of work experience’. We need a chance to grow.

Grace Daniel,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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