Work with FG on Benue security challenges, Tiv youth tell Ortom

Following the buck passing and trading of blame on the failing security situation in Benue state, the Tiv Youth Advancement Vanguard (TYAV), a pressure group, has called on Governor Samuel Ortom to collaborate with the federal government to find lasting solution to the challenges in the state.

Addressing newsmen on Monday in Abuja, President of the group, Barr Tyohemba Denen, maintained that while the killings and other crimes going on in the state were regrettable, it was imperative for the state and federal governments to collaborate in proffering solution instead of grandstanding or playing politics with human lives.

“Insecurity in Benue state is not one dimensional. The insecurity in Sankera, Konshisha and other places have nothing to do with Fulani. The fact that the governor is always projecting the Fulani issue and neglecting the insecurity in these other places shows that he is more interested in the political interest than dealing with the situation as it is.

“There have been killings going on in Sankera comprising of three local government areas of Ukum, Logo and Katsina-Ala, leading to loss of countless number of lives without the governor mentioning it. Recently, militia group abducted, killed and burnt twelve soldiers who were on peace keeping in the troubled boundaries of Konshisha and Oju LGA. This communal clash led to the death and destruction of lots of property without the governor taking any proactive step.

“In Tyo-Mu where the governor claimed to have been ambushed by herdsmen, there has been protracted land dispute between the Hyarev and kparev settlers in the area for decades.

“The assassination of the governor’s Senior Special Assistant on Special Security, Hon. Denen Igbana, Prof Adyourough and several other cases of assassination and cult related killings call for serious thought, decisive action and collaboration with the federal authorities and security agencies to tame the rising wave of insecurity in the state.

“The governor must know that the security of lives and property is the responsibility of both the federal state, local and indeed all citizens. The solution to the problem of insecurity must be sought with dispatch. Whether it is communal clashes, herders’ crisis, cult related killings or assassination of citizens; this must be brought to a stop immediately.

“The anti open grazing law has not shown to be effective in stopping armed herdsmen but has rather aggravated the problem. It’s notable that the Livestock Guards confiscate cows from the herders and fail to return all when the owners come to pay ransom and this has created more attacks.

“The Gov should review this law and take cues from states like Taraba and Ekiti which also have similar laws but have lesser problems. Let it not be as if the Livestock Guards are used deliberately to create security situations in order to gain more pecuniary and political advantages,” the group noted.

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