Works, environment and investment ministers must hear this

Foodstuff traders in Ogun State under the umbrella of Isokan Foodstuff and Yam Dealers Association of Nigeria are compelled to openly demand explanation from the honourable ministers in the following ministries: Federal Ministry of Works, Federal Ministry of Environment and Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments to please clarify the issue of revenue tickets been issued to our members plying Igbo Ora – Abeokuta Road in Ogun State.

We have noticed that some touts bearing daily tickets of N200 denomination for each of the federal ministries mentioned have been compelling our members to pay for the ticket or have their wares either seized or damaged.

In our efforts at confirming the authenticity of these tickets, we have met officials of the ministries involved at the Federal Secretariat, Abeokuta but mum was the response. We were directed to make our findings at Abuja.

Our resolve to make these enquiry stems from the fact that nowhere in the entire country is such ticket being issued to traders except here in Ogun State. It is on this ground that we are asking if the tickets are specifically for only traders and motorists in Ogun State.

We want to crave the indulgence of our honourable ministers in the affected ministries to please urgent reply to this demand of ours as we cannot continue to be subjected to illegal revenue collections by any group under the guise that 90% of traders are unlettered.

The various collections on the roads are part of the reasons why there is always hike in food prices as it is the general public that eventually bear the brunt.

Abiodun Taiwo & Chief Jimoh Ilo, Sango Otta, Ogun State

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