World Bank to support Lagos farmers begin canned fish production in 2022

An APPEALS project, which is assisted by the World Bank for agricultural processing, productivity improvement and livelihood support, says that fish farmers in Lagos will begin production of locally canned catfish and tilapia in 2022.

The project coordinator, Lagos APPEALS, Oluranti Sagoe-Oviebo, told the Nigerian News Agency on Tuesday in Lagos that the canned fish would be produced using locally manufactured equipment.

He said the focus was on using locally manufactured equipment to create jobs for Nigerians.
“We trained some manufacturers who looked at the machines made abroad, studied them and manufactured them locally.

“Manufacturers have analyzed the different equipment and have been able to manufacture a good number of them, making them affordable for our farmers.

“We trust in God that early next year, several of our investors will be able to adopt them on their own,” he said.

Ms Sagoe-Oviebo also told NAN that around 80 farmers had been trained in basic techniques of preparing, packaging and marketing canned fish.

He said the training was conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research and covered temperature for boiling fish, preparing tomato sauce, temperature for canning fish, and pasteurization.

He added that canned fish would be affordable for Nigerians and could boost exports.
“We have identified some investors among whom they have been trained and some people are interested in setting up their mini factories.

“The process is basic for any fish you want to can, but for this project we are using catfish and tilapia,” said Ms. Sagoe-Oviebo.