World crisis and pathway to peace (II)

The Qur’an teaches that wherever and whoever counsels you towards goodness and virtue, you should accept it, and wherever and whoever counsels you towards sinful or unjust behaviour, you should reject it.
Thu, Islam has drawn our attention to various means for Peace. It requires.
•        Absolute justice
•        Truthful testimony should always be given
•        That our glances are not cast enviously in the direction of the wealth of others
•        That the developed Nations put aside their vested interests and instead help and serve the less developed and poorer Nations with a truly selfless attitude and spirit.
If all of these factors are observed, then true Peace will be established.  If despite all these aforementioned measures any country Transgresses All Limits and attacks another country, and seeks to unjustly take control of its resources, then other Countries should certainly take measures to Stop such cruelty – but they should always act with Justice when doing so.

The circumstances for taking action based on Islamic teachings are detailed in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (SAW). Chapter 49 of Al-Qur’an teaches that when two countries are in dispute and this leads to war, then other governments should strongly Counsel them towards Dialogue and Diplomacy so that they can come to an agreement and reconciliation on the basis of a negotiated settlement. If, however, one of the parties does not accept the terms of agreement and wages war, then other countries should unite together and fight to stop that aggressor.
When the aggressive Nation is defeated and agrees to mutual negotiation, then all parties should work towards an agreement that leads to long-standing peace and reconciliation. Harsh and unjust conditions should not be enforced that leads to the hands of any Nation being tied, because in the long-term that will lead to restlessness which will ferment and spread further disorder.

In the circumstance where a third-party Government seeks to bring about reconciliation between two parties, then it should act with Sincerity and total impartiality. This impartiality should remain even if one of the parties speaks against it. Therefore, the third-party should display no Anger in such circumstances, it should seek no revenge nor should it act in an unfair manner. All parties should be afforded their due rights.
Thus for the requirements of Justice to be fulfilled, it is essential that the countries that are negotiating a settlement should themselves not seek to fulfill their own personal interests nor try to derive benefit unduly from either country. They should not interfere unjustly or pressure either of the parties unfairly. The Natural Resources of any country should not be taken advantage of.  Unnecessary and unfair restrictions should not be placed upon such countries, because this is neither Just nor can it ever prove to be a source of improving relations between countries. Due to time constraints, I have only very briefly mentioned these points. In short, if we desire for Peace to be established in the World, then we must leave aside our personal interests for the greater good in order to establish mutual relations that are based entirely on Justice. Otherwise, some of you might agree with me that due to alliances, blocs may be formed in future – or I can even say they have started forming – and it is not unlikely that Disorder will continue to increase in the World, which will ultimately lead to a huge destruction (may Allah forbid, amin). The effects of such devastation and warfare will surely last for many generations.

Therefore, the so-called World Super Powers should play their roles in acting with thorough Justice and with such good intentions as I have described. If they do so, then the World will always remember with great admiration the great efforts of the World’s Super Powers. It is my humble prayer that this becomes a reality.
The occasion was well attended with representatives of the Chief of Army staff, IGP, the Chief Imam of Nigeria Police, traditional rulers, DSS, Islamic Organizations, students from Nurul Bayan International Academy were all in attendance. The programme was one of the best of its kind.

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