World Hijab Day: Muslim women harp on dignity, self-esteem of hijab

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 A coalition of Nigerian Muslim women has enjoined religious adherents to celebrate and adore women in hijab, saying wearing it is a mark of dignity, self-esteem and confidence.    

The women stated this during this year’s 2023 World Cancer Day/World Hijab Day  celebrations with the theme –  “Hijab: More Than Just A Covering,” organised by a coalition of Muslim non-governmental organisations including,  MESH,  Coalition of Nigerian Muslim Women; Women in Da’awah; Sisters of Jannah; Ummah Support initiative; IMAN; FOMWAN; MSSN, National Mosque Welfare; and Ansarudeen amongst others held at the National Mosque auditorium, Abuja.

The occasion took off with the spokesperson, Hajiya Fatima Mohammed, harping on the religious obligation of wearing the hijab among Muslim women, saying “Hijab is more than a body covering, it boosts your dignity, confidence and self-esteem. The hijab acts as a barrier between you and the opposite sex. It is a medicine, a panacea for foul language and unwanted advances. 

“It acts as a shield for women and actually adds to their beauty. May Allah increase us more in knowledge and may Allah make us benefit more from today’s lectures, Amin.”

A guest speaker, Hajiya Madeenat Sanni, a marriage counselor and founder, Mtalks Life, advised  women to imbibe the culture of wearing the hijab, especially in relation to their in-laws and relatives, stating:  “Imagine your brother-in-law walking into your room unannounced to ask for something and you are not wearing a hijab.

“I have been married for over 20 years and l have never had an issue with my brothers-in-law and do you know why? It’s the hijab, it is because of the hijab l wear which is a boundary. None of them can cross the boundary and they respect me because of the hijab. Nothing gives me that privilege except the hijab, which covers us from the head to our toe. That means there is respect, they respect me and l respect them.”

 Another speaker,  Hajiya Rafiah ldowu, who dwelt on the struggle to get the hijab accepted in schools and offices in the early 80’s, said, “Those of us that were schooling in the late 70’s and early 80’s will tell you that  hijab use was not as prevalent as it is widespread today.”

She advised every Muslim woman to be proud of being adorned with the hijab.

Prominent dignitaries, including Hajiya Rukkuyah Atiku Abubakar, Hajiya Namadi Sambo,  Hajiya Madeena Sanni, Hajiya Rafiah ldowu, Hajiya Rahmatu Sani, Hajiya Ramat Aliyu, Dr Shehu Umar, Dr Hannatu Ayuba, Dr Maryam Abdullahi, Dr Salisu Ismail amongst other erudite guests, attended the programme.

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