X-raying Buhari’s two-year scorecard

PDP “They fought to get into offi ce, but did not understand that it takes far much more to go beyond that, so all the vices of the past are still there…corruption is still ongoing”

PRO-BUHARI “The Buhari administration started on a sound footing by addressing the insecurity confronting the nation since the past administrations”

Exactly two years ago, Muhammadu Buhari stepped in as President and Commander-in-–Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria. For some Nigerians, it was a moment they had been waiting for, giving the myriad of challenges the then President Goodluck Jonathan administration was facing, especially in the areas of security and economy. And on the Mantra of Change, the All Progressives Congress rode in with great expectations from Nigeria.

But on assumption of office, the reality of what was on ground really stared the Buhari administration in the face, such that President Buhari was only short of throwing in the towel. But like a soldier that he is, the retired general has been soldiering on and making several attempts to fix the economy, battle corruption, and also tackle the security menace of Boko Haram, kidnappers, oil vandals, and herdsmen/farmers’ clashes among others. In a series of mid-term reports, Blueprint will be detailing the administration’s activities, the hiccups and above all the perception of Nigerians of its performance.

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