‘Yahoo boy’ goes mad, confesses ‘I used my own father for money ritual’

A young man has gone mad and has been singing and telling the whole world how he killed his own father for money ritual, after his charm must have misfired, prompting a backlash.

The whole drama was said to have happened Thursday morning at Agbior park by Ohovbe junction in Benin City, capital of Edo State, according to a Facebook user, who shared the story on his wall.

The confession, was made by the young man, who was stripped to his pants, while sitting on the bare floor, while a large crowd gathered to hear his bizarre story, including how the father died in the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), he bought for him few weeks ago.

In the post, made by one Okan Godswill, the young boy, was overheard shouting “daddy” “daddy,” “They are after me, they wan kill me,” while the crowd mocked him and prodding him to spill the entire beans of how the sacrifice was carried out.

Another voice of a man was overheard telling the crowd how the young man bought his father a Lexus SUV and after his death, sprayed money endlessly during his burial.. 

The poster, warned in the clip: “Happening now live at aghior park ohobbe junction benin city…yahoo boy bought car for his father after two weeks his father died..here running mad n confessed people he has killed..please ladise be careful.”


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