Yakasai’s umbrage on Buhari

What concerns Tanko Yakasai with ? With his mentor Goodluck Jonathan and Edwin Clark out the political scene and in the wilderness, he should be there with them, not hanging about and clucking like an old hen. Haba, if Yakasai is a patriotic Nigerian and a true Northern Elder, how come he would wish that ’s presidency would end in crisis? We know how he joined in the game and worked hard to abort the birth of a child, which has defied their lethal attempts to abort it and has eventually come into the world.

How does it them if the child gets afflicted with whatever ? With his credibility deficit glaring even Jonathan would not listen to his counsel now. Thank you, “northern elder”!  I. I. Sule, +23409091576528
Check and balance please, Gov. Kashim Shettima
The Borno state governor should be wary of appearing to favour one part of the state over another in the attention he devotes to both in this period of the Boko Haram insurgency.  He would do well to do some check and balance in his government. Let me clarify.

If the murderous insurgents southern Borno, the governor would waste no time but to visit the affected areas; but if the happened in northern Borno, he won’t show up at all, nor would he send his deputy. Boko Haram Tashan Alade, Kwajaffa, Kwaya Bura, , Malamjakwa, Debro, Harang, Pelambirni, Gwallam, but our governor did not it necessary to visit the area and offer government’s condolences. But I have noticed that he weeps publicly whenever such attacks occurred in southern Borno.

Abdullahi D. Mshelia,
, Borno state, +2348032101589

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