Yobe CSDP reducing plight of IDPs


Since the inception of Community and Social Development Project (CSDP), in Yobe state, many lives have been touched in the communities, especially the returning IDPs.  General Manager of CSDP, Goni Baba Gana, in an exclusive interview speaks with MUSA M. BUBA, on the progress made.  Excerpts

How did Yobe CSDP come about?

The Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) as derived from the piloted Community-Based Poverty Reduction Project (CPRP) which operated in the state from 2011 to March 2009, uses the Community Driven Development (CDD) approach in tackling poverty.  It is simply bottom-up approach to development where the people are empowered with resources and the power to decide on what they want to implement out of an agreed open menu of social and natural resource infrastructure services.  The communities identify, implement and manage project of their choice.  They provide 10 percent or 5 percent of the total cost of the project in cash, kind or materials for communities and groups respectively, while the agency provides 90 percent or 95 percent for communities or groups respectively.  The communities implement the project, while the agency supervises the implementation.


What has been your success story all these years?

In Yobe state CPRP was piloted from year 2001 to 2008, like in 11 other states of the federation, during which 838 micro projects were approved, co-funded and executed at a total cost of N1,709,844,883.91.

The CSDP is therefore an intervention built on the CPRP successes and structures to effectively target socio – economic and natural resource management infrastructure services at the community level as well as improved local government area responsibility to service delivery.

From inception in 1st April, 2009 to 31st December, 2013, the agency had approved 109 Community Development Plans (CDPs) in the 17 LGAs of the state with total number of 366 micro projects at the total cost of N906,379,161.33. The agency’s contribution was N815,741,245.20 while the  communities contribution was N90,637,916.13. During the period 330 micro projects worth N831,918,193.83 were completed and put into use directly benefitting 642,673 peoples across the 17 LGAs of the state, while the remaining eight micro projects were intervened by other donors and LGAs and 28 micro projects were closed in the CDPs for exceeding agreed timeline without concrete reason.

However, due to the successes recorded by CSDP across the participating states and the late admission of Akwa Ibom state and the Federal Capital Territory Administration, its closing date was initially extended to 31st December, 2014 to enable the World Bank to prepare additional financing within the period. Within the period of   CSDP extension, 23 CDPs containing 73 micro projects were approved at a total project cost of N189,696,617.00, all the 73 micro projects were co-funded, completed and put into use.  During the CSDP extension period the Agency has received nothing from the World Bank IDA as process of effectiveness of the USD 140 Million approved by the World Bank for CSDP – AF was not completed.  During that period of extension the agency used its previous balances of IDA and state government’s contributions to finance its activities.  More again, in December 2015 the agency received N50 million from the Yobe State Government as its contribution for participation in CSDP Additional Finance.


CSDP additional financing was another approval how did you come about it?

The Community and Social Development Projects – Additional Financing I (CSDP – AF I) became effective on 17th August  2015, and Yobe was among the first set of 11 states that met all the conditions and became effective on the same date and also became disbursement effective on 1st July, 2016. Each of the participating state signed USD 4 Million Subsidiary Loan Agreement (SLA) with the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF).

Later, CSDP-AF II with USD 75 Million was approved for the North-East and CSDP – AF I & II closing date was shifted to 30th June, 2020. Yobe state was allocated additional USD 7 Million bringing the total allocation to Yobe to USD 11 Million. This additional USD 7 Million to Yobe, as well as the other North East states is a grant to the State as agreed by the FMF

From 1st July, 2016 to 31st May, 2018, the agency has approved 58 CDPs containing 130 micro projects with total cost of N471,177,333.72 out of which N424,059,600.34 is agency contribution, while N47,117,733.37 is community contribution.  So far, the sum of N333,267,272.80 was disbursed as grants to 76 completed micro projects and 22 micro projects which are ongoing at various levels of implementation, while the remaining 32 micro projects are yet to commence implementation.


Sectoral projects

The water sector got the highest approval of 56 number projects in which cement wells, hand pumps and boreholes were drilled.  For health sector, 13 projects were approved, 10 completed while two are ongoing.

In order to fight outbreak of diseases and provide clean and healthy environment, 17 micro projects were approved with eight completed, two ongoing while seven are yet to commence.  For rural electrification, transport and socio economic sectors, 15 micro projects have been approved, 11 completed and three ongoing, while one micro project is yet to commence implementation.

Education is the sector which needed serious attention considering the fact that the insurgents’ main target is to wipe away western education, whereby hundreds of primary and post primary schools were burnt down by them, thereby discouraging the western education among the communities.  In this sector, 29 micro projects were approved with 16 completed, four ongoing while nine are yet to commence implementation.

Moreover, the agency has approved eight Group Development Plans (GDPs) containing 16 group micro projects with total project cost of N36,688,500.00 out of which N34,854,075.00 (95%) is agency’s contribution, while N1,834,425.00 (5%) is group contribution which is in-kind or materials. The 16 approved group micro projects are in the area of community housing sector, five group micro projects were completed, three ongoing and eight are yet to commence implementation.


Are you into community housing?

Since the emergency of the Boko Haram, many have lost their means of livelihood and shelter. The agency has provided intervention to some groups of the IDPs that have decided to stay in Kukareta village of Damaturu LGA and IDPs returnees of Bulturam Bulin and Dadingel villages of Gujba LGA. The approved eight Group Development Plans (GDPs) containing 16 group micro projects i.e. 80Nos. of 2 bedroom apartments with toilet each at a total project cost of N36,688,500.00 is an intervention geared toward alleviating the suffering for IDPs in the State.


What is your selection criteria for intervention?

For the purpose of this project all communities are considered poor and eligible to submit proposals for funding if its rural and lacks any infrastructures and social amenity that falls within the list of fundable projects financed by the agency and willingness to contribute 10 percent by communities or 5 percent by groups of the total project cost, in addition it must be within an LGA that was selected based on the State poverty map ranking. And, communities are selected on the basis of first come first serve.


Finally, what do have to say specially to returning IDPs?

CSDP in Yobe especially AF II came at a time when its intervention is being needed most.  The programme has rekindled hope to the Internally Displaced Persons who are gradually returning and need infrastructure.  The agency is there for them, let them organize themselves in groups and we are keenly waiting for them to come.


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