Yobe: Geidam community wants market reopened 10 weeks after

The Chambers of Commerce and Joint Association of Businessmen in Geidam local government council has called on the Yobe state government and the Nigerian Army to reopen the Geidam market, saying many individuals are gradually loosing their means of livelihood.

Mohammed Umar, branch chairman of the Chambers of Commerce in Geidam made the plea on Thursday, adding that most of the residents depend solely on the market.

“We are trying to engage youths to learn one business or the other so that they will not be lured into the Boko Haram activities. But today is exactly 10 weeks the market was shut-down after the attack on Geidam.”

“Here we deal mainly with farm products and cattle business which bring us income and also revenue to the local government. We are the major producer of onion in the state, look they are decaying due to the hot weather and we cannot transport them to other markets due to transportation cost” he said.

In his view, the chairman of the Joint Business men association, Abba Abdulrashide, said “with the closure of the market, the residents who are into local businesses had lost about N100million that was why many have started thinking of relocating”, he added.

He called on the government to provide them with security instead of shutting down the market because it’s creating more hardship in the area economically.

Blueprint gathered, since 2012 the Geidam community had been attacked eight times but the people did not relocate due to its economic

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