Youth group condemns lingering distractions at FCC, sues for peace

The Youth and Media Network of Nigeria (YOMEN), a non-governmental organization, has expressed worry over the festering in-fighting between chairman Federal Character Commission (FCC), Dr Muheeba Dankaka and some commissioners describing it as worrisome.

A statement issued Saturday by its Public Relations Officer, Mr Suleiman Adomu, YOMEN said as the youth organisation is concerned about good governance in all the public establishments, including the FCC and would therefore not be silent in lending its voice in order to create the harmony needed to foster growth and development of the agency.

The group expressed concerns about what it described as “the unwarranted attack by some individuals on the FCC chairman, which has become a distraction to the the Commission particularly with regard to the delivery of its mandate to the people of this country.”

Adomu noted that, a group of five member-commissioners had in its recent publication criticised the leadership of the FCC boss whereas other commissioners have been suing for peace in the commission in order to allow for national service.

According to him, “In a recent Naija voicenews publication, the ‘Integrity Group’ had called on President Muhammadu Buhari to restore sanity in the FCC. The reason for the call is that, the executive chairman runs the commission as a sole administrator without regard to the constitution.”

“Our findings however revealed that all the contracts awarded passed through Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB), which is the appropriate procedure for contract award.”

The youth group further stated that the allegation of one-sided recruitment of over 20 staff in favour of the commission`s chairman is far from the truth, saying there was no recruitment from the chairman’s constituency as alleged by the so-called Integrity Group.

Adomu said the frequent attack on FCC`s chairman, in their findings, is a distraction, advising the petition writers to allow the FCC chairman concentrate on her job.