Youth president frowns at attempt by opposition to disperse confab

Factional President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Comrade Yakubu Shendam, has alleged that it was clear that some of the delegates at the national conference from the opposition parties were making subtle contributions capable of dispersing the conference.

Comrade Shendam who pointed this out in an interview with Blueprint said the youth would resist any of such plans however threatened that the youth might withdraw from the conference because of personal agenda being pursued by some delegates at the floor of the conference.
The NYCN factional leader called on the delegates to accept membership of committees as was given to them by the leadership of the conference as it was not easy to satisfy all the delegates.
He stated that if the conference would have to choose the leaders of the committees through an election there would be election petitions which would not save time for the conference.

Shendam expressed worry that the majority of the delegates were busy chasing shadows instead of confronting the enormous task of finding solutions to the numerous problems of the country.
He frowned at some contributions of the delegates to send delegation to the president or indefinitely adjourn for fear of the Abuja bomb blasts.
According to Shendam, what is of paramount importance to the youth was how to find lasting solution to embarrassing unemployment situation in the country which he said was the reason for youth restiveness and the menace of Boko Haram.

The NYCN leader disagreed with accusations of armed robbery and kidnapping against the youth by a certain delegate stating that it was due to system failure by successive regimes in Nigeria.
He stated that some of the former Nigerian leaders who came as delegates to the conference should bury their heads in shame for their inability to solve the problems of the country when they were in power.
Shendam assured that the present conference would be the last saying that only a national conference of the youth would be convened in future as the elders have failed the nation.

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