Youth representative insists on abolition of indigeneship

One of the delegates representing youth at the ongoing national conference, Hassan Rilwan, has urged delegates to insist on the abolition of indigeneship from all policies of government.
Rilwan made the call while contributing to the debate on the direction of the inauguration speech delivered by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said until the issue of indigeneship is resolved, wealth creation among Nigerians would not be attained, adding that the conference must break the false walls that separate Nigerians.
He said older delegates at the conference must not be under the illusion that they are handing over the country to a prepared younger generation, stressing that they have failed to prepare the future generation and must, therefore, ensure that government stays out of youth politics.

He also alleged that most of the delegates are Nigeria’s biggest problems as he reiterated that Nigerians must advance the interest of the country at all times.
He expressed optimism that the conference would recommend a system of government that would address the multi-ethnic and religious diversity of the country in order to deliver justice to all Nigerians.

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