Youth sychophancy and the future of Yobe

Yobe state governor Mai Mala Buni

Democracy has offered several affordable avenues for engaging the youth population in the most productive and positive manner to develop transferable skills towards ensuring that society has positively progressed.

In doing so the future is highly likely to see the youth taking over the affairs of the state and continue to build on the legacies of our parent-leaders. Sycophancy can never be any good, be it state-sponsored or individually motivated.

In recent times, Yobe state and its people have witnessed an unprecedented boom in a sometimes shameless display of sycophantic attitude. Sadly, a segment of the society deems this attitude as being sponsored by the state government.

This is but a scary development that must be rejected by all, irrespective of which side of the political spectrum one belongs. This does not in any way represent a modern democratic society.

A liberal democratic society is expected to educate its young population on every aspect of acceptable growth. This could be in pursuance of economic interests, political ideologies, and technocracy.

The youth in Yobe state are known to be actively involved in many national and state-wide social-political organisations. They play leadership roles and serve meritoriously, but there is a need for a coordinated effort by all of us to stand firm and challenge the prevalent sycophantic boom in the state.

If indeed the present administration is focused on providing an enabling environment that supports youths’ self-reliance, then there is a need for it to make amends. Programmes and projects must be put in place to facilitate and support the youth with the necessary skills and capital.

For example, if the government is willing to support social media influencers or digital and photo journalists that can compete with their peers within and outside the country, then they must be trained and be given state-of-the-art equipment.

A reasonable person can argue that what is prevalent today in Yobe state is a sort of youth exploitation by most of the senior politicians. This must be discouraged as no reasonable society can willingly set out to damage its future wet-asset for a transient benefit of a few.

Therefore, it is pertinent for the youths to wake up and understand what politics entails and participate actively in it, based on genuinely nurtured positive ideologies. The youth must not be cajoled with the offer of some insignificant positions in the government.

A great government aims to create genuine job opportunities for its teeming youths, and by so doing, the rate of dangerous sycophancy, especially on social media platforms, will be reduced. Recently, praise-singing for politicians is just the order of the day, particularly for those who belong to the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). After all, the majority of the people of the state hold a view that these politicians are responsible for the poor infrastructure in the state.

The people of Yobe state, please take this as a clarion call to all the youths to note that sycophancy can never be the answer to our problems. It is a problem in itself. Dear youth, you must stand up and be involved. Take part in all the political processes, occupy political offices and play active party leadership roles, the contest for elective posts, form government or part of it, and run a successful government that works for all.

Muhammad writes from Potiskum, Yobe state.

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