Youths not tool for violence

Youths are an integral part of nation building. Every generational trend comes and goes with new challenges, so the need for youths to rise up and face the challenge for a better tomorrow is paramount. For Nigerian youths to achieve their dreams and aspirations, they need to sit up and make a turn-around in their behaviour and perspective towards Nigeria; the power to have a better tomorrow rests on the shoulders of the youths. Therefore, the youths must wake up and assume responsibilities as young men and women    

It is appalling how selfish politicians take advantage of the vulnerability of Nigerian youths which is caused by poverty, unemployment and economic situation of the country to engage youths in evil practices. 

The youths must reject being used as political thugs by perpetrators of evil in our society. They should for a living than being paid to engage in heinous crimes which are bane of Nigeria.

Education is the bed rock of the society, so there is the need for youths to acquire education to excel in life. Not just getting the certificate, but learn skills that will help in sustaining themselves. This will help the youths to overcome any urge to involve in unjust means of acquiring wealth.

Finally, Nigerian youths should imbibe the spirit of oneness and love, they should speak up for their collective good. They shun being used as instrument of violence but rather fight corrupt political leaders and bad governance. Youths should realize it is okay and more honourable to start from the scratch like Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, than to succumb to evil means of getting money. Youths are the future of this country, the ball is in their court to either build or destroy it.

Mary Musa Dibal,

Department of Mass ,University of Maiduguri

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