Zazzau emir laments frequent rape of minors

The raped Girl being carried by her father

 The Emir of Zazzau and Chairman, Kaduna State Council of Emirs and Chiefs, Dr Shehu Idris, has condemned the frequent cases of rape of minors in the society.

He spoke Tuesday in Zaria while addressing his subjects in his palace. His subjects came for the traditional Sallah homage called “Gaisuwan Sallah”.

Gaisuwan Sallah is an ancient tradition where the subjects gather at the palace to thank  Allah for a successful celebration and to show solidarity, respect and love for their emir.

Speaking through Yan Zazzau, Alhaji Bashar Aminu, the emir said: “The rampant cases of rape are alarming and the worst of all, is raping of minors in our society today.

“We are Muslims and Islam forbids adultery and is totally against rape. So, as Muslims we must be guided by the tenets of Islam. Raping is alien to us as a society.

“Islam teaches good moral virtues, it kicks against any form of immorality of whatever form, we must abide by all rules and regulations governing our religion to be able to live in peace,” he said.

The Emir urged his subjects and beneficiaries of agriculture loan scheme, to redouble efforts towards repayment, so that others can benefit from the scheme.

 “If you collect the loan with the intention of paying back, Almighty Allah will certainly open way for you to refund, but those who collected with no intention of paying back will not have the means to pay back.

“You should not allow yourselves to be left behind, endeavour to collect the loan. Government has introduced several loan schemes and earmarked huge amount for such schemes.

“Kindly collect the money with the intention of paying back and practice farming as a business. Definitely Almighty Allah will give you the means and ability to pay back and become a great farmer,” he said.

The emir advised farmers to report security challenges, especially those that were threatening their farming business.

He stated that reporting such on time would enable security agents to put the necessary machinery in place to ensure that the people run their businesses peacefully without hindrance.  

He called for the establishment of more cottage industries in Zazzau Emirate and Kaduna state at large in order to create jobs and curb youth restiveness.

He said such moves will create more job opportunities for the younger ones and the teeming unemployed citizens roaming the streets.

He said he was happy with the establishment of three new fertiliser blending plants in the state. He gave assurance that the plants would reduce overdependence on foreign firms for the commodity.

He urged his subjects to go into businesses of their choice adding that the federal government has directed banks to give people loans in order to eradicate poverty.

Speaking on frequent accidents on Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano highway, the emir pleaded with motorists to exercise caution while driving.

He stated that most of the accidents on the highways were as a result of impatience and desire to reach destination quickly.

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