Zimbabwe: Workers sue Jena Mine for $3m over salary arrears

About 400 workers at Midlands based Jena Mine, Zimbabwe are suing their employer for $3 million over what they claim are salary underpayments.

About 394 current and former workers are demanding the company shells out about $30 million in local currency claiming they had been underpaid by the gold miner for a year.

Court papers seen by NewZimbabwe.com show that the workers are claiming the money on the basis of what they call a “default of payment of a certificate of settlement which was signed by parties on 10 April 2019.”

“Parties agreed that the respondent (Jena Mine) should pay a total of US$3 588 795, 241 in 12 months on monthly installments of US$ 2 99 066-27 starting on 31st May 2019 to 30 August 2020,” the claim indicated.

It is the workers’ contention that Jena Mine was underpaying them salaries below figures agreed at the National Employment Council (NEC).

Disgruntled ex workers late last year locked management within the company premises as they were demanding payment of outstanding salaries and severance packages.

Jena Mine is owned by mining parastatal, the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC).

Apart from Jena Mine, ZMDC also owns Elvington and Sabi Gold Mines.

Of the three only Jena Mine is fully operational albeit at a loss, while Sabi and Elvington are under judicial management and care of maintenance respectively.

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