Zulum to establish 2 vocational training centres


Goverbor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state has reaffirmed his
commitment and willingness to re-engineer and overhaul the state
economy to meet up with the Borno people’s needs.

He also stated that all necessary measures would  be taken to improve
the living conditions of the IDP s both in host communities and IDPs

Zulum stated this Wednesday during his maiden democracy day
celebration speech held at Ramat Square, Maiduguri, amidst a mammoth

He said: “I planned to take a visit to Niger and Cameroun within the
next two weeks to confer with our compatriots in the IDPs and work out
modalities for their return and resettlement.

“In my inaugural address, I made it crystal clear that there is danger
inherent in making complacency of the issues of youth unemployment. I
see it as a scandal, depriving young men and women of their careers,
diminishing the prospects for teeming young people, wasting our
national resources, aborting our chances of societal recovery and
creating hopelessness and insecurity.

“I planned to commission two vocational training centres for men and
women in Maiduguri. I will resuscitate Technical Secondary schools
throughout the state and provide youth empowerment and
entrepreneurship schemes.

 “I am very much conscious of peoples’ high expectations from my
administration. This only goes to reinforce the importance of
advancing democracy and good governance and you cannot make headway
without the support of strong democratic institutions like the public

“That was why my first place of call on assumption of duty was the
state secretariat after having an interface with the leadership of the
labour union.

 “As it were, the provision of social services is the foundation of
the state’s obligation to its people. I will not shrink or compromise
from this fundamental obligation.

“I will create the institutional framework for basic service delivery
to address the high public expectations and strengthen the confidence
of the people on the system. In this vein, I will not condone the
culture of absenteeism, indolence, indiscipline
and nepotism in the public service. Prudent management of public
funds, transparency and accountability will be our guiding
principles”, Banagana said

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